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Kids Games

Keep the kids occupied while making it fun for them with these fun and inexpensive games:

Sports Games
Only $125  

Includes 2 Basketballs, 2 Soccer Balls, 2 Footballs, 6 Baseballs, 1 Bat, 2 Frisbees, and 6 Darts.
                                               More details below:

Make your event the funnest ever!

No matter what sport, This Sports Games has the game your guests will want to play! Choose from Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Dart/Frisbee, all under one inflatable play structure. Encourage team spirit and friendly competition as children play their favorite game simultaneously and facilitate variety as participants have the chance to play each sport.

Tetherball $35

Free local delivery with orders of $50 or more. 

Free Set-up!

Sports Bean Bag Toss and Sports Ring Toss Games
Both rent for the price of 1, only $30
Great family games to play at home, schools, and best of all, at all your parties! 
The Sports Bean Bag Toss includes four wooden freestanding sports figures from each of the four major sports: Baseball Catcher, Football Receiver, Soccer Referee, Basketball Player. Unique design allows for open-ended play. Set them up close together or far apart to make your own challenging game.  Each figure is approx. 15" x 18"
Bonus! This set includes a Sports Ring Toss game with Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Basketball themes. Each wooden base measures about 6”. Place them close together for the youngest players or spread them to create a more challenging game for the experienced players.  Each Ring toss base measures approx. 6"

Baggo Game $30

~2 Game Boards
~8 Bean Bags
~Built-in Scorekeeper
~Instruction Booklet
~Distance Regulator

Spin Art Machine $39
($5 OFF with jumper rental)
Includes supplies for up to 30 kids

Potato Sacks Game - Rents for $15
Tons of racing fun! These 24" sturdy washable vinyl bags are printed with numbers and have reinforced handles. May also be used to store toys and prizes (6 pcs.)

Parachute Game - Rents for $10 
(Includes 9 balls and a list of many parachute games) 
Available with rental orders of $50 or more.   Can be used outdoor and indoors.       
Receive $2 OFF with any jumper rental.

Tug of War - Rents for $15 
Teamwork and cooperation is essential for a good Tug of War game! Here's how you play: choose a level playing surface, such as a grassy field, mark a line on the ground and divide up equally into teams. Line up the teams on each side of the tug of war rope and pull, tug, pull! The goal is to stay on your side of the center line, if your team crosses over, other side wins! Made of a polyester fiber, our tug of war rope is extra soft and won’t hurt little hands! Rope is 11 ft. 10" with a 1 1/2" diameter. Includes a 9 3/4" nylon flag. For 8 to 10 children.

Egg & Spoon Game - Rents for $10

Egg Spoon Game Set. The race is on with this egg-citing egg spoon game set! Balance the egg on the spoon and see how far you can run! Kids will love participating in this activity. Set includes 6 wooden spoons and 6 eggs. Spoons, 12"; eggs, 2 1/2".

Even the grown-ups can have some fun too :))

Croquet Set $12
(6 players)

Croquet Set $12
(6 players)

Please check back...  Constantly adding new games to our inventory.